Anonymous asked:

Do I spy a Generation Kill DVD boxset ????

You do indeed! That is a thing that I have owned for years upon years and, to my profound shame, STILL NEVER WATCHED. Someday — SOMEDAY — I will do this thing. I have seen Band of Brothers like three times and never watched Generation Kill. Such is life.

Probably not soon, though, because I have no time for anything, and the time that I do have I have apparently decided to spend researching Cold War espionage and the arms race.


As requested, here are my bookshelves:


We begin with the world literature shelf. This is how I organize my books. ALPHABETICALLY AND BY COUNTRY OF ORIGIN. This is pretty paltry although I do have quite a bit more at my mom’s house (from college). Also: Research Books, and a plushie Shakespeare. Yes. Yes.


MOVING DOWN THE SHELF, into what I like to call the “disorganized crap” section, i.e. young adult + non-fiction + Tall Books. Stuff I Needed To Shove In Somewhere. Ahem.

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