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"Really all I want is for Don and Peggy to go out for coffee on the regular for many years while Don slowly gets his shit together and realizes that she is the most badass woman of all the many badass women he has known, and then spends a long time convincing her to marry him." -- yes, yes, yes, absolutely. and i agree with everything else, too, that they--despite all the things that are in the way of them being good together--clearly have a significant bond and understand each other. i love it.

I just feel like ALL OF MY FAVORITE MAD MEN MOMENTS are the moments between the two of them? I mean, there are lots of other moments I love - I love all the characters! - but more in an intellectual way, you know? I mean that I can really appreciate them as art (which doesn’t mean I’m not also moved by them), but every time Don & Peggy Get Real With Each Other I just lose it. When he shows up at the end of S2 and tells her he’ll spend the rest of his life trying to hire her! The entirety of The Suitecase! THE PART WHERE SHE QUITS. I can’t deal, I just can’t, it’s too much.

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