Announcement: FYC

All right, dudes, I mentioned this in my post on The Help the other day, but here is an official post about it: I am going to write up some short(er) posts in the coming week(s) about films or particular elements of films that were exceptional this year and that aren’t getting what I think is the appropriate recognition. In other words, although I love The Artist absolutely to pieces, I’m not going to write about it, because it’s in all the Oscar conversations and is going to get (and has already gotten, elsewhere) a slew of nominations. I want to wait on a Top 10 list until next month, when I’ve had a chance to catch up on some films I’ve missed (though obviously I can’t see everything, I can come pretty damn close).

The first one is coming up straightaway! The film is available on Netflix Instant, and happens to be one of my very favorites of the year, so consider it a Christmas gift from me to you. Happy holidays, guys. Thanks, as always, for reading. <3