"I swear to god, Steve, I will drop the PASIV out of this fucking window if you don’t tell me RIGHT NOW why you thought taking this goddamn job was a good idea, what with Bucky running around in our heads trying to shoot us out of our dreams."

"Can’t you feel it, Clint? You’re antsy. We’re all antsy. We’ve been the best dreamshare team there is out there since Cobb’s disbanded, and we haven’t gone under in over a year."

Avengers Inception AU  wherein Thor of Odin Corp. hires Steve Rogers’ elite dreamsharing team to perform inception on his brother, Loki, and a shade of their ex-resident thief Bucky (who was killed when the team’s last job went horribly wrong) tries his best to sabotage it.

Or: Steve extracts, Tony builds, Clint runs point, Natasha’s a master of impersonation, Bruce concocts, Thor’s a tourist, and things happen.



Bucky’s face here will forever be the worst thing in the world. He’s looking at Steve and he’s so proud of him but there’s also this look in his eyes that says "he doesn’t need me anymore, why would Captain America ever need Bucky Barnes" and it’s all over his face. But when you pay attention to Bucky in the crowd you can see him looking around and taking it all in, taking in the fact that people finally see Steve the way he has always seen him and I CANT TAKE IT ITS DISGUSTING HOW MUCH HE LOVES STEVE AND HAS ALWAYS APPRECIATED HIM AND NOW THE WORLD LOVES HIM AND HE’S OVERWHELMED BUT HE’S ALSO SO SO HAPPY OH MY GODDDDDD

The thing I liked the most was that at my age they still treated me like a human being. You don’t normally expect that from young people. I have to say, though, that being treated like a human being meant that they took the piss out of me relentlessly. And never stopped. There wasn’t a honeymoon period when there was a bit of respect, not to say veneration. There was never any at all. The first day, when I was coming in to the theatre, Dominic Cooper, who plays Dakin, was lounging in the stage door and someone said, ‘What are you doing here, Dominic?’ and he said ‘Oh, I’m in this crap play about history by - what’s the guy’s name? Oh hello, Alan.’

Alan Bennett, on working with the cast of The History Boys. (x)


are u sad don’t be sad: a happy things masterpost


i haven’t been feeling great motivation- and self esteem-wise these past few days and so i decided to compile a list of things that make me feel better and then i thought maybe some of you could use it too so here even tho you’ve probably heard of most of this

what the hell, this is a really good list 

I want you all to know that I clicked on the last link on this list and showed it to Suzanne and IT BROKE HER. “Babies!” she howled. “Dog babies!!!!”